Chasing Sunbeams and Stormy Dreams: Embracing Florida’s Whimsical Weather as a Photographer


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Being a photographer in Florida is like embarking on a thrilling rollercoaster ride, where the weather takes center stage. The state’s personality is as unpredictable as a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. From spontaneous rain showers to sudden storms that seem to materialize out of thin air, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

Flexibility has become my trusty companion in this journey. As a photographer, I’ve come to appreciate that plans are as changeable as the weather forecast. One moment, the sun is casting a golden glow, and the next, dark clouds swoop in with a dramatic flair.

In a way, Florida’s whimsical weather has become an essential part of my creative process. I’ve witnessed the magic that follows a storm – when the skies clear, leaving behind an enchanting palette of colors that paint the perfect backdrop for my shots. It’s a reminder that beauty can emerge from the most unexpected moments.

New Smyrna Beach Photo Shoot with Rainbow
Throughout this session, we experienced intermittent showers, but to our delight, the most incredible double rainbow made its appearance.

But what about my clients? How do I put them at ease in this unpredictable climate? It’s all about communication and camaraderie. I’m upfront about the possibility of weather surprises, ensuring they’re well-prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store. We discuss backup plans, wardrobe options for different conditions, and a flexible schedule that dances with the weather’s rhythm.

I’ve come to understand that a photoshoot under ever-changing skies is an adventure in itself. And for my clients, I share a simple truth: Florida’s weather might be spontaneous, but so are the moments we capture. Rain or shine, these fleeting instants become memories frozen in time, unique and authentic in their own way.

Embracing Rainy Photo Magic – With my trusty assistant shielding me under an umbrella, the family wholeheartedly welcomed the weather, resulting in candid and authentic moments frozen in time.

Ensuring Client Confidence

However, when a client is involved, putting them at ease amidst uncertain weather is always of the utmost importance. Here’s how photographers in Florida manage to do just that:

  1. Clear Communication: From the very beginning, open and transparent communication is essential. Let clients know that while weather can be unpredictable, you are well-prepared to handle various situations.
  2. Backup Plans: Having backup locations that provide shelter from rain or harsh sunlight is a smart move. Inform clients about these options to ensure a smooth experience.
  3. Flexible Scheduling: Discuss the possibility of shifting the shoot’s time or date if the weather forecast looks unfavorable. Flexibility is key to ensuring that both you and your clients get the best possible outcome.
  4. Positive Outlook: Reassure clients that even with unexpected weather changes, there’s an opportunity to capture unique and stunning shots. The post-storm skies, for example, can create an atmosphere that’s both moody and magical.
  5. Bring Props: Having umbrellas, colorful raincoats, or even clear bubble umbrellas can add a playful and artistic element to rainy-day shots.
  6. Client Comfort: Make sure to consider your client’s comfort. If they’re not comfortable with rescheduling or shooting in specific weather conditions, respect their preferences.

In the end, as a photographer, embracing Florida’s unpredictable weather becomes a blend of being prepared, staying flexible, and embracing a touch of adventure. And you know what that leads to? Captivating photographs that weave stories beyond the lens.

So, here I stand, camera in hand, ready for whatever the Florida skies throw my way. Because in the end, it’s the blend of unpredictability and creativity that makes every click of the shutter an exciting chapter in my photographic journey.

Laurie Pilia Photography Brand Photo

Ready to capture unforgettable moments in Florida’s ever-changing weather? Let’s embark on a photography journey together, where spontaneity and creativity blend to create stunning stories. Contact me today to schedule your unique photoshoot experience amidst Florida’s captivating landscapes.

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