Capturing Love in the Rain: The Fairfield’s International Maternity Photo Session in Galway


Rain showers may be considered a photographer’s worst nightmare, but sometimes, they create the most magical and memorable moments. Such was the case during the Fairfield’s international maternity photo session in the charming city of Galway. With an umbrella in hand and a determined spirit, I set out to embrace the rain and make the most of this unique opportunity.

Knowing that Ireland’s weather can be unpredictable, I came prepared with an umbrella, ready to face whatever the skies had in store for us. We made our way through the rain-drenched streets, heading toward the location where we were to meet Jessamyn and her family. It turned out that their photo shoot coincided with the day they moved into their new house, adding an extra layer of excitement to the day.

Arriving at their new home, after a whirlwind of moving boxes and unpacking, I was greeted by Jessamyn and her family, brimming with anticipation. Camera in hand, I was determined to capture the essence of this beautiful moment, rain or shine. We ventured down the wet streets, finding a quaint little spot at the end of their road that offered some tree coverage, providing a temporary respite from the rain.

As we embraced the elements, jumping in puddles and exploring the surroundings, a sense of joy and love filled the air. The raindrops glistened as they danced around us, adding a touch of magic to the photographs. Even the family cat couldn’t resist being a part of the session, making appearances through the window and becoming an adorable and unexpected addition to the shots.

However, amidst the rain and the picturesque backdrop, it was little Eric who truly stole the show. The radiant glow of an expectant mother combined with the innocent charm of a child made every frame a testament to the beauty of life and the love that fills a growing family.

In addition to the radiant mother-to-be, there was another star of the photo session that couldn’t go unnoticed – Jessamyn’s fun-loving and doting partner, a.k.a. the “fun dad.” His infectious laughter and playful antics brought an extra layer of joy and spontaneity to the shoot. Whether it was twirling Jessamyn under the umbrella or splashing in puddles with their little one, his enthusiasm added a touch of whimsy and warmth to the already magical atmosphere.

What made this experience even more special was the connection between Jessamyn and myself. As an American residing in Ireland, just as I did from 2009 to 2011, we found ourselves sharing stories and expressing mutual admiration for the beauty and charm of this remarkable country.

As the rain continued to fall, we captured breathtaking images that showcased not only the love between Jessamyn and her family but also the spirit of embracing life’s unexpected moments. It was a day filled with laughter, joy, and a deep appreciation for the wonders that can unfold when we embrace the elements around us.

Jessamyn’s international maternity photo session in Galway serves as a reminder that even amidst the rainiest of days, love and beauty can shine through. It’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of capturing treasured moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Remember, the rain has a way of bringing unexpected magic and capturing extraordinary moments. So, the next time the rain starts to fall, embrace it with open arms, and let’s create some beautiful memories together. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your ideas and preferences for your upcoming session.

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